Mortgage Financial Tools

Free to use tools that actually help you.

These tools were developed to provide clients with figures that help them make important decisions regarding their mortgages. Use the mortgage calculator to figure out scenarios with different numbers. The glossary gives an extensive list of mortgage and real estate terms that help borrowers stay knowledgeable about the loan process.

Researching loan options is what Prudential Borrowing does everyday.

Mortgage Calculator

Use the calculator below to work out different scenarios. Have the results emailed to you afterwards to keep your numbers. No information will be shared with anyone. Prudential Borrowing does not receive a copy of the information.
Our buying power means lower rates for your mortgage or refinance.


Work around the rate you want, rather than the rate you are told you will receive.

Success is finding the lowest mortgage rate around and knowing it. Prudential Borrowing makes that happen.

Mortgage Glossary

Know the terms you’ll be hearing and seeing. An educated client is the client that saves the most money. Everything from Appraisal to Zoning.

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